Getting Ready to Fly

I have a hot mess here in my house.  There are suitcases open, clothes strewn, and bottles of medications sitting around.  Every piece of electronic gizmo that I need to accomplish by work is also sitting around me.  Let’s see: the still camera, the video camera, the digital recorder, the tablet, the phone [just for the UK], and of course, the computer.  Plus all of the plug adapters, cords, wires, thumb-drives are within my view and grasp as well.  My PA and dear friend, Megan McCullagh, has been spending time getting me organized and put together.  She’ll be joining me for 4 weeks to help me keep organized in the UK.  She has put together all of the materials for the fieldwork including survey scantrons and pencils, my entire itinerary in a notebook [so I won’t leave any vital piece of paper lying around somewhere], and like last year, numerous give-a-ways for anyone who is willing to fill out a form and talk to me for a minute or two.  Whew.  I wouldn’t be even close to ready without her invaluable help.  She’ll be keeping her own Blog on Tumblr [Name TBA].

Megan and the ladies – 2013

In the meantime, I continue to sit here in the middle of my mess hoping that I can figure out what I need [and more important, what I don’t need] for my sojourn in Somerset and Glastonbury.  Clothes are hanging on every possible hook and nail.  Shoes are clumped in a heap.  Sweaters and a heavy-ish coat are out and waiting.  The next big question is. . .will I make it?

2 thoughts on “Getting Ready to Fly

  1. Sounds like me going for just 2 weeks. Can’t imagine planning for 3 & a half months! Really glad Meaghan is helping w/organization. Just remember, she was my PA first. 🙂 (My WCA-wheelchair aide-don’t know how I managed without her. Good for you both. ♡♡♡

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