Moving Forward

Greetings everyone. 2016 proved to be a very long year.  So many things have happened, both positive and negative, that I was thrown into a deep stuporous depression.  Thank the Goddess for SCCC and my professorship there and for Facebook and the many good friends that I have made through it. Those, and my beloved womyn’s group here in NY, helped me persevere.  My life-partner also provided me with a splendid puppy that has really lifted my spirits. My son and daughter-in-love, Matt and Kimber,  gave me two different respites at their calm and pretty home in Buffalo.  That so helped and is much appreciated.

I just got home from spending the holidays in Buffalo. My partner also surprised me [and them] on the 24th with first-class round-trip on Delta to see them for the first time since July!  I also had the chance to have peace and quiet and break my year-long writing block.  There is new material to read.  I would love your comments and feedback on the new pieces about the White Spring Temple in Glastonbury.

I am leaving the surveys link up so, if you’re reading for the first time and care to participate, please do!

The surveys can be absolutely anonymous. Feel free to speak freely and know that I, as a professional Feminist Anthropologist and Pagan Deist, pledge to never reveal names if you have not specifically given permission to do so. If you want to be a bigger part of the overall project, The Seduction of Avalon, I will provide a detailed Informed Consent Form to you. Please, pass this on to any group or individual that you think would like to participate. More data means better data. Thank-you, so much, in advance. Brightest Blessings!” target=”_blank”>The Seduction of Avalon Surveys

Brightest Blessings. Christina Beard-Moose, PhD

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